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Always pass types in value sources can_handle: use type(os.environ) instead of catching a TypeError and retrying #54

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bsmedberg added some commits Aug 14, 2012
@bsmedberg bsmedberg The jython implementation sometimes throws KeyError instead of TypeEr…
…ror for this exception, but as far as I can tell there's no reason to support "values or types" in this array, they should always be types.
@bsmedberg bsmedberg os.environ is not actually a dict. Make this change fully compatible …
…by just using type(os.environ)

Oh, this passed nosetests (with cpython)

peterbe commented Aug 29, 2012

It appears actually to work. Great!

I'll try to talk to lars to look into this some more. Maybe we need to write more tests. Maybe we need to try to "prove your patch wrong" by employing some odd manual command line testing that only lars is able to conjure up. :)

Thanks in advance!

peterbe commented Sep 3, 2012

We have to wait for #57 because without we can't test this for jython.

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