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why strip out etag, last-modified headers? #28

6a68 opened this Issue Feb 6, 2013 · 2 comments

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6a68 commented Feb 6, 2013

Looking at this line:

I don't understand why we'd remove ETag or Last-Modified headers. My read of the RFC is that, if the max-age is in the future, the cached copy will be used; if the max-age has elapsed, the Last-Modified or ETag values could be used to send a conditional-GET, so the server could still save bandwidth by returning a 304.

Are there implementation bugs of which I'm unaware?

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@6a68 - +1 your suggestion is common practice that I think we should make use of. The URL will be updated if the resource changes, and a conditional GET will save a few bytes once the cache does expire.

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ozten commented Feb 8, 2013

My memory is super fuzzy, but I remember other middleware trying to manage cache headers causing us issues. I think the intent is if you use connect-cachify you want to disable other codepaths from trying to do cache control.

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