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Datazilla is a system for managing and visualizing data.
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Datazilla is a system for managing and visualizing data. The fundamental unit of data display in the user interface is called a data view. Data views can display data in any number of ways: tabular or graphical. Data views can also send signals to one another enabling the user to maintain visual context across multiple graphical displays of different data types. Each data view shares a toolbar that abstracts navigation, data presentation controls, and visual presentation. A prototype of datazilla was first developed in an application called bughunter.

This project includes a model, web service, and web based user interface, and eventually it will support a local development environment.

This is a work in progress and will likely see a number of structural changes. It is currently being developed to manage Talos test data, a performance testing framework developed by mozilla for testing software products.


Installation and other information is available in the sphinx generated documentation on ReadTheDocs

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