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Dispensary 🌿

The dispensary collects and offers hashes of popular JavaScript libraries, mainly for the Mozilla's addons-linter.

Libraries updates

This is the (manual) process to update libraries in dispensary:

  1. Open src/libraries.json
  2. Open the release pages of each library. Here is a list:
  1. On each page, check whether there are newer release versions than what is in src/libraries.json. Note that some libraries, like react, support several versions, so we need to check each "branch".
  2. For major upgrades, take a quick look at the code changes
  3. Add new versions to src/libraries.json
  4. Run npm run update
  5. Commit and push (Make sure to include src/libraries.jsonand src/hashes.txt)
  6. Tag and release

Development commands

Here are some commands you can run:

npm run build

This command builds the project.

npm run clean

This command removes the build artifacts.

npm run eslint

This command runs eslint (JavaScript linter).

npm run prettier

This command runs pretty-quick to automatically compare and format modified source files against the master branch.

npm run prettier-full

This command runs Prettier to automatically format the entire codebase.

npm run prettier-ci

This command runs Prettier and fail if some code has been changed without being formatted.

npm run test

This command builds the project and then runs the test suite (in watch mode).

npm run test-coverage

This command builds the project, runs the test suite and then reports code coverage (codecov).

npm run test-ci

This command runs all checks and is only useful in a CI context.


This command updates the list of release pages in the file based on the src/libraries.json file.


Hashes of popular JavaScript libraries, mainly for the Mozilla's addons-linter




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