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CPG Onboarding Agenda Guide


To provide the information needed for a contributor to come back, and feel empowered, educated and supported moving forward. This meeting helps review the behaviors which were an issue, and encourage goal-setting to help this person re-establish momentum and trust in the community. A review of the community participation guidelines will take place in the meeting, and its role in community health should be described in detail. If there has been someone within the community identified to support this contributor in better behavior, that person will be introduced as part of this call.

Review of behaviors

The behaviors that informed this ban with clear steps to avoid in future are described.

  • Violation 1 - [CPG exact wording] , ways to avoid
  • Violation 2 - [CPG exact wording] , ways to avoid
  • Violation 3 - [CPG exact wording] , aways to avoid

Reinstatement Description

Describe what access is being granted, and if any restrictions remain.

  • Reinstatement 1 - any limitations
  • Reinstatement 2 - any limitations

Welcome Back - Q&A

Welcome them back and reiterate the level of privacy involved. For example, 'only the the project lead, and the moderation team are aware of this warning. No public statement will be made.' Make room, and encourage questions.


Agree to set a time in the calendar (1 month, then 3) to check in with reporters, this person, and their mentor if applicable.