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Resolution Role Groups

Decision Making

Recommendations can be issued by any role in the RASCI, but final decision is according to vote among the Accountable (A). See ‘Roles’ below for detailed explanation of each, and who for this conflict is associated.

Responsible - Coordinator
Accountable - CCRM , CPGP Supportive - Legal, HR, Working Group
Consulted - Stakeholder(s)
Involved - Individuals not covered by above roles.(+ Reporters)


Case Coordinator(s) (Coordinator)

Person who helps see the process through to completion, by ensuring processes are followed, consultation occurs, and communication happens with stakeholders.

Community Participation Guidelines Partners (CPGP)

CPG owner, and partners in resolution

Community Conflict Report Managers (CCRM)

Community leadership group/community manager/project maintainer responsible for the core area of the project where the CPG violation(s) is said to have originated. This may be managing with or without supporting staff.


Person or group who has filed a complaint against the CPG. In a single community conflict there may be multiple reports, each should be treated individually.

Legal Investigator (Legal)

A role invoked when a report to either Community Managers or CPG enforcement violates our conflict of interest, or anti-bribery policies, or is in violation of the law (e.g. embezzlement, fraud, threats, destruction of property, misuse of IP).

HR Investigator (HR)

A role invoked when a report to a Community Manager or CPG Enforcement involves a staff member, or where legal investigation warrants HR support.

Mozilla Project Stakeholders (Stakeholders)

Projects at Mozilla where those involved in the CPG complaint participate, and/or have seen their project impacted by the complaint.

Resolution Working Group (RWG)

A temporary group of individuals with roles - Community Manager, Enforcement, any involved Investigator and Case Coordinator who help consult and push the process to resolution with recommendations & decision making. The working group will expand & contract as needed.

@safety Consultation

In cases where systems are used, violated, compromised or otherwise leveraged as part of the violation complaint, this group consults, and may be part of the working group.