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django-jobvite is a Django application that provides a friendly interface to Jobvite.


Fetch django-jobvite:

pip install -e git://

Add django_jobvite to INSTALLED_APPS in



urlpatterns = patterns('',
    (r'^jobvite/', include('django_jobvite.urls')),

Additionally, you'll need to specify the URI to the Jobvite XML file:



Once installed and configured, you can query jobvite positions and obtain results in JSON, keyed by jobvite ID. Any GET parameters will be used as filter parameters. Example JSON:

    'fxoOfv': {
        'title': 'Software Developer',
        'category': 'Engineering',
        'description': '...',
        'brief_description': '...',
        'job_type': 'Full-Time',
        'requisition_id': 1234,
        'apply_url': 'http://....',
        'detail_url': 'http://...',
        'location': 'Toronto, ON, Canada',
        'date': '4/21/2011'

Database Migrations

django_jobvite supports both South and Django 1.7+ migrations. Support for South will end when Django 1.4 reaches its end of life, around October 2015.


This software is licensed under the BSD License. For more information, read the file LICENSE.

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