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Dockerfile for sbt (Scala build tool)
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Dockerfile for sbt (Scala build tool)

This is built on top of the openjdk image and takes inspiration from hseeberger/scala-sbt.


Install Docker and pull the image (mozilla/sbt on DockerHub):

docker pull mozilla/sbt

You can then run sbt inside docker to compile code like:

docker run -it --rm mozilla/sbt sbt shell

If you want to execute sbt commands on a project on your local filesystem, you may want to mount the current directory and various local caches as volumes and set the working directory as well:

docker run -it --rm -v ~/.ivy2:/root/.ivy2 -v ~/.sbt:/root/.sbt -v $PWD:/app -w /app mozilla/sbt sbt shell


To build, you need to specify the desired openjdk and sbt versions via --build-arg parameters:

docker build --build-arg OPENJDK_TAG=8u181 --build-arg SBT_VERSION=1.2.7 .

Pushing a new tag to DockerHub

To push and tag a new image with updated versions of openjdk and sbt, you'll need to have a DockerHub account that's a member of the appropriate Mozilla organization and be logged in to DockerHub:

docker login --username=mydockerhubusername

Then use the following recipe to build and push:


docker build \
    --build-arg OPENJDK_TAG=$OPENJDK_TAG \
    --build-arg SBT_VERSION=$SBT_VERSION \
    --tag mozilla/sbt:${OPENJDK_TAG}_${SBT_VERSION} \
    --tag mozilla/sbt:latest \

docker push mozilla/sbt:${OPENJDK_TAG}_${SBT_VERSION}
docker push mozilla/sbt:latest
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