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Make Install Error 71 #12

cobhimself opened this Issue · 6 comments

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I get the following error when running make install.

install -d /usr/local/bin
install bin/jsctags.js /usr/local/bin/jsctags
install -d /usr/local/lib/jsctags
install lib/jsctags/getopt.js lib/jsctags/log.js lib/jsctags/paperboy.js lib/jsctags/traits.js lib/jsctags/underscore.js /usr/local/lib/jsctags
install -d /usr/local/lib/jsctags/ctags
install lib/jsctags/ctags/index.js lib/jsctags/ctags/interp.js lib/jsctags/ctags/nativefn.js lib/jsctags/ctags/reader.js lib/jsctags/ctags/writer.js /usr/local/lib/jsctags/ctags
install -d /usr/local/lib/jsctags/narcissus
install lib/jsctags/narcissus/index.js lib/jsctags/narcissus/jscfa.js lib/jsctags/narcissus/jsdefs.js lib/jsctags/narcissus/jslex.js lib/jsctags/narcissus/jsparse.js /usr/local/lib/jsctags/narcissus
install: lib/jsctags/narcissus/index.js: No such file or directory
make: *** [install] Error 71

+1 error


Use git clone --recursive to obtain the projects submodules.


I had the exact same problem.
[git clone --recursive] solved my problem!


Worked for me as well. Thanks!


Helped me too; it might be reasonable to add "git clone --recursive"hint to installation section of README file



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