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- صفا الفليج <>
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Mozilla donation forms:


node 4+ with Intl support. To test if you have Intl support run this command:

$ node -e "console.log(typeof Intl === 'object')"


$> npm install
$> cp sample.env .env


$> npm start

With the default settings, this will run the service on http://localhost:3000


Environment Variables

You can configure the following environment variables:

Variable About
SUPPORTED_LOCALES If set to '*' all locales under intl-config.js file for src will be enabled otherwise it expects an array of locales.


Optionally configure Hatchet environment variables as documented here to send signup requests to a sawmill event processor queue.


Thanks to BrowserStack for providing the infrastructure that allows us to run our build in real browsers. Mozilla fundraising uses twemoji to encourage donations