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@@ -136,6 +136,20 @@ with Django's ``createsuperuser`` management command::
Just follow the prompts.
+Doozer has the ability to upload images for screenshots. To make this work,
+you'll need to create a directory (it's specifically *not* under version
+ mkdir -p media/upload
+ chmod -R a+w media/upload
+Whoever the webserver is running as needs to be able to write to
Up and Running
@@ -145,3 +159,19 @@ To see if you've got everything up and running, start the Django dev server::
and navigate to ``http://localhost:8000/``. You should see the Doozer home
+Deploying with Apache
+If you're deploying with Apache and ``mod_wsgi``, you'll need to know a couple
+* The WSGI endpoint is ``wsgi/doozer.wsgi``.
+* The ``WSGIScriptAlias`` should be ``/``.
+* You'll need to set up a couple ``Alias`` directives (below).
+ Alias /media /path/to/doozer/media
+ Alias /admin-media /path/to/doozer/vendor/django/django/contrib/admin/media

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