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if you follow him on Twitter <a href="">@dalmaer</a>.
<img src="/media/img/judges/portrait_paulbakaus.png">
<h2>Paul Bakaus</h2>
<h3>Zynga Germany</h3>
Paul is the CTO of <a href="">Zynga</a> Germany, where he is currently working on new
technology used by upcoming Zynga titles worldwide. Prior to joining Zynga, he
co-founded <a href="">Dextrose AG</a> where he began creating the Aves Engine, the very
first commercial and pluginless browser game engine. He is also a jQuery core
team member, and well known in the JavaScript community for having created the
popular user interface framework jQuery UI. He‘s a creative JavaScript geek by
heart, and – in addition to his main work – enjoys his well booked speaking
engagements at various conferences around the world. His favorite topics cover
innovative user interfaces and experiences, browser games, JavaScript wisdom
and of course, jQuery.
<img src="/media/img/judges/portrait_ryan.png">
<h2>Ryan Carson</h2>

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