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docs Update docs with new, simpler make invocation.
dxr Merge static asset cachebusting. Close #470.
node_modules Upgrade npm-lockdown to 0.0.6.
tests Merge master into optimize-refs to get the better config-error report…
.gitignore Ignore a build product from the rust tests.
.gitmodules Removed trilite from the makefile and git modules.
.hgignore Warning parser, fixes for tool compat and python versioning.
LICENSE Amend license, update docs, remove dict comprehension. Teach the makefile how to hash static assets.
README.rst Merge es into master!
Vagrantfile Let's not MitM anybody, please.
contribute.json Add contribute.json file. Try to get ssh not to hang up in the middle of long things like packa…
lockdown.json lockdown-relock under 0.0.6, fixing the sha-less dependencies.
makefile Teach web app how to ask for hashed assets.
package.json Squelch an npm warning by specifying a repo in packages.json. Upgrade peep to 2.4.1. Teach web app how to ask for hashed assets.
requirements.txt Add xpidl plugin, closes #456. Add xpidl plugin, closes #456. Pin to a version of rust that causes our tests to pass.
vagrantconfig.yaml Increase Vagrant RAM to 1GB.
vagrantconfig_local.yaml-dist Remove no-longer-used options from vagrantconfig.



DXR is a code search and navigation tool aimed at making sense of large projects like Firefox. It supports full-text and regex searches as well as structural queries like "Find all the callers of this function." Behind the scenes, it uses trigram indices, elasticsearch, and static analysis data collected by instrumented compilers to make searches faster and more accurate than is possible with simple tools like grep. DXR also exposes a plugin API through which understanding of more languages can be added.

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