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An intelligent source code browser

Add Help menu. Close #280.

At the moment, it just has some links. Perhaps this will be where we stick the last few release notes as well (protips, essentially).
latest commit b6b692df75
Erik Rose erikrose authored
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bin Add --all option to as a shorter way of saying --host 0.…
docs Encourage public IRC rather than private messages.
dxr Add Help menu. Close #280.
node_modules Add npm-lockdown and hashes of the npm packages.
tests clang 3.5 changed the text "<anonymous namespace>" to "(anonymous nam…
trilite @ e64a2a1 Revert accidental change to the trilite pinning.
.gitignore Convert docs from markdown to reStructuredText with Sphinx. Close #260.…
.gitmodules Changed protocol for trilite submodule
.hgignore Warning parser, fixes for tool compat and python versioning.
Gruntfile.js Factor out the repetition of the "no results" message. Fixes bug #973…
LICENSE humph's code drop Include the recently moved templates folder when installing DXR. Stop…
README.rst Empty out the redundant stuff from the readme. Repatriate a few usefu…
Vagrantfile Use the canonical Vagrant Cloud name for the trusty64 box. Deploy more quietly.
format Increment format version. Adding some vbguest plugin detection and removing extra --provision call
lockdown.json Add grunt-cli, and redo lockdown.
makefile Remove all .pyc files on build.
package.json Add grunt-cli, and redo lockdown. Upgrade to peep 2.0.
requirements.txt Upgrade Jinja to get the filesizeformat fix. Fix bug 965773. Convert docs from markdown to reStructuredText with Sphinx. Close #260.… tidying up locales generation
vagrantconfig.yaml vagrant is up and running
vagrantconfig_local.yaml-dist Remove no-longer-used options from vagrantconfig.



DXR is a code search and navigation tool aimed at making sense of large projects like Firefox. It supports full-text and regex searches as well as structural queries like "Find all the callers of this function." Behind the scenes, it uses trigram indices, the re2 library, and static analysis data collected by instrumented compilers to make searches faster and more accurate than is possible with simple tools like grep.

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