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from itertools import repeat
from scipy import ndimage
import cPickle as pickle
import cv2
import math
import concurrent.futures
import numpy
def _get_frame_entropy((i, capture, edge_detection)):
""" Function calculates and returns the entropy of a single frame.
Values for edge_detection can be 'sobel', 'canny' and None. """
frame = capture.get_frame(i, True).astype('uint8') #ndarray is float64 by default
if edge_detection=='sobel':
frame = ndimage.median_filter(frame, 3)
dx = ndimage.sobel(frame, 0) # horizontal derivative
dy = ndimage.sobel(frame, 1) # vertical derivative
frame = numpy.hypot(dx, dy) # magnitude
frame *= 255.0 / numpy.max(frame) # normalize (Q&D)
elif edge_detection=='canny':
frame = cv2.Canny(frame,100,200) # Using set params at the moment
histogram = numpy.histogram(frame, bins=256)[0]
histogram_length = sum(histogram)
samples_probability = [float(h) / histogram_length for h in histogram]
entropy = -sum([p * math.log(p, 2) for p in samples_probability if p != 0])
return entropy
def get_frame_entropies(capture, edge_detection=None):
cache = pickle.load(open(capture.cache_filename, 'r'))
cache = {}
cachekey = 'frame_entropies'
if edge_detection=='sobel':
cachekey += '_sobel'
elif edge_detection=='canny':
cachekey += '_canny'
if cache.get(cachekey):
return cache[cachekey]
with concurrent.futures.ProcessPoolExecutor() as executor:
entropies = list(,
cache[cachekey] = entropies
pickle.dump(cache, open(capture.cache_filename, 'w'))
return cache[cachekey]
def get_overall_entropy(capture, edge_detection=None):
return sum(get_frame_entropies(capture, edge_detection))
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