[deprecated] A friendly chainable ElasticSearch interface for python
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Deprecated January 5th, 2015

This project is no longer being maintained. Last release is ElasticUtils 0.10.2. You should consider switching to elasticsearch-dsl-py.


ElasticUtils is a convenient Django QuerySet-like API for querying Elasticsearch.

Project details

Issue tracker:https://github.com/mozilla/elasticutils/issues
IRC:#elasticutils on irc.mozilla.org
License:BSD 3-clause; see LICENSE file

Our unit tests are run by Travis CI every time we commit to the master branch.


Quick install

Latest released version:

$ pip install elasticutils

Run the dev version (which is master tip):

$ pip install elasticutils==dev

That corresponds with http://github.com/mozilla/elasticutils/tarball/master#egg=elasticutils-dev.

Quick start

See https://elasticutils.readthedocs.org/ for the quick start.