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Running and writing tests

Running the tests

If you don't have Django installed, you can run the tests with:


It will skip the Django tests.

If you do have Django installed, then you need to specify DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE. Run the tests like this:

DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=test_settings nosetests


If you need to adjust the settings, copy to a new file (like, edit the file, and pass that in as the value for DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE.

This is helpful if you need to change the value of ES_HOSTS to match the ip address or port that elasticsearch is listening on.

Writing tests

Tests are located in elasticutils/tests/.

We use nose for test utilities and running tests.


If you're testing things in ElasticUtils that require hitting an ElasticSearch instance, then you should subclass elasticutils.tests.ElasticTestCase which has code in it for making things easier.

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