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More like this: MLT

ElasticUtils exposes Elasticsearch More Like This API with the MLT class.

For example:

mlt = MLT(2034, index='addon_index', doctype='addon')

This creates an MLT that will return documents that are like document with id 2034 of type addon in the addon_index.

You can pass it an S instance and the MLT will derive the index, doctype, ElasticSearch object and also use the search specified by the S in the body of the More Like This request. This allows you to get documents like the one specified that also meet query and filter criteria. For example:

s = S().filter(product='firefox')
mlt = MLT(2034, s=s)

See :py:class:`elasticutils.MLT` for more details.

.. seealso::
     Elasticsearch guide on More Like This API
     Elasticsearch guide on the moreLikeThis query which specifies the
     additional parameters you can use.
     elasticsearch-py documentation for MLT