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from itertools import islice
from elasticsearch.serializer import JSONSerializer
def to_json(data):
"""Convert Python structure to JSON used by Elasticsearch
This is a helper method that uses the elasticsearch-py
JSONSerializer to serialize the structure. This is the serializer
that elasticsearch-py uses to serialize data for Elasticsearch and
handles dates.
:arg data: Python structure (e.g. dict, list, ...)
:returns: string
>>> to_json({'query': {'match': {'message': 'test message'}}})
'{"query": {"match": {"message": "test message"}}}'
>>> from elasticutils import S
>>> some_s = S().query(message__match='test message')
>>> to_json(some_s.build_search())
'{"query": {"match": {"message": "test message"}}}'
return JSONSerializer().dumps(data)
def chunked(iterable, n):
"""Returns chunks of n length of iterable
If len(iterable) % n != 0, then the last chunk will have length
less than n.
>>> chunked([1, 2, 3, 4, 5], 2)
[(1, 2), (3, 4), (5,)]
iterable = iter(iterable)
while 1:
t = tuple(islice(iterable, n))
if t:
yield t
def format_explanation(explanation, indent=' ', indent_level=0):
"""Return explanation in an easier to read format
Easier to read for me, at least.
if not explanation:
return ''
# Note: This is probably a crap implementation, but it's an
# interesting starting point for a better formatter.
line = ('%s%s %2.4f' % ((indent * indent_level),
if 'details' in explanation:
details = '\n'.join(
[format_explanation(subtree, indent, indent_level + 1)
for subtree in explanation['details']])
return line + '\n' + details
return line
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