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More like this with MLT


ElasticUtils exposes ElasticSearch More Like This API with the MLT class.

For example:

mlt = MLT(2034, index='addon_index', doctype='addon')

This creates an MLT that will return documents that are like document 2034 of type addon in the addon_index.

You can specify an S and the MLT will derive the index, doctype, ES object, and also use the search specified by the S in the body of the More Like This request. This allows you to get documents like the one specified that also meet query and filter criteria. For example:

s = S().filter(product='firefox')
mlt = MLT(2034, s=s)

You can specify which fields to use with the fields argument. If you don't, then ElasticSearch will use all the fields.

You can specify additional parameters. See the documentation on the moreLikeThis query.


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