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Add note about caching/speed in filter vs. query

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willkg committed Sep 11, 2012
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@@ -170,11 +170,13 @@ things are very different.
A filter determines whether a document is in the results set or
not. If you do a term filter on whether field `foo` has value `bar`,
then the result set ONLY has documents where `foo` has value `bar`.
+Filters are fast and filter results are cached in ElasticSearch.
A query affects the score for a document. If you do a term query on
whether field `foo` has value `bar`, then the result set will score
documents where the query holds true higher than documents where the
-query does not hold true.
+query does not hold true. Queries are slower than filters and
+query results are not cached in ElasticSearch.
The other place where this affects things is when you specify
facets. See :ref:`queries-chapter-facets-section` for details.

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