Strange errors if you don't use port 92xx #18

andymckay opened this Issue Dec 6, 2011 · 2 comments

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If you set your ES_HOSTS to a port not in the 9200-9299 range, say 9300 you will get an annoying failure in every single failing unit test.

File "/Users/andy/sandboxes/zamboni/vendor/lib/python/pyes/", line 157, in init
File "/Users/andy/sandboxes/zamboni/vendor/lib/python/pyes/", line 176, in _init_connection
raise RuntimeError("If you want to use thrift, please install pythrift")
RuntimeError: If you want to use thrift, please install pythrift

The cause is this:

I'm thinking that since pyes pretty much requires ports to start with 9200 unless you have thrift enabled we should pretty much blow up if that's the case.

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Yay! I can close this out because we don't use pyes anymore (this is a pyes problem).

@willkg willkg closed this Mar 20, 2013
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Also, it kind of looks like this was solved already.

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