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multi_match support #204

noirbizarre opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Hi !

Are you planning to support multi_match queries ?

Something like that would be great:

def multi(query, fields=[], type='best_fields', **options)

So I can simply write:

S().multi('my query', ['field1', 'field2^3'])
S().multi('other query', ['field1', 'field2^3'], 'most_fields')
S().multi('another one', ['field1', 'field2^3'], operator='and')

I had no plans to implement this, but I'll happily accept a PR. It looks pretty handy.

For whoever wants to implement this, the Elasticsearch 0.90 docs for this are here:

@willkg willkg added this to the 0.10 milestone

I'm bumping this out of the 0.10 time frame. If someone wants to take a stab at implementing it, I'll happily accept a pull request.

@willkg willkg removed this from the 0.10 milestone
@willkg willkg added this to the 0.11 milestone
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