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switch to pyelasticsearch #25

willkg opened this Issue · 6 comments

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pyes keeps changing in non-trivial ways and the API isn't particularly stable. Additionally, it's pretty intense.

I think we should do one of three things:

  1. fork pyes and stabilize it
  2. switch to pyelasticsearch--probably the fork that the django-haystack folks maintain
  3. bundle the version that the django-haystack folks maintain into elasticutils an in that way maintain our own fork

This is pretty far future stuff. Probably shouldn't spend the time on this until there's a compelling reason to do so. We can hang out on pyes 0.15 for now.


SUMO is using pyes 0.16. I vote we peg to that for now and then ditch pyes in the future. Given that, I'm going to bump this out of the milestone and do the pegging in issue #30.


Using isn't need as jezdez has gotten commit access to and has integrated toastdriven's changes.


Erik posted this:

That adds some things that help reliability. We definitely want some of that. Hopefully it makes its way to landing. I mention it here because we probably want to use things like auto-retrying and possibly failover.


I'm currently working on switching over to pyelasticsearch. Tweaking the summary accordingly and assigning to myself.

@willkg willkg was assigned


@willkg willkg closed this

Done in pull #92.

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