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django debug toolbar awesomeness #46

willkg opened this Issue July 12, 2012 · 2 comments

2 participants

Will Kahn-Greene Rob Hudson
Will Kahn-Greene
willkg commented July 12, 2012

Rob threw this together:


It'd be super to get that to a stable state (for whatever that means) and then toss it in contrib.django.

Rob Hudson

Updated commit here:

This is a patch against current master, and with the beginnings of some javascript to expand/collapse the JSON on click, but I didn't get it working yet.

Rob Hudson

By the way... if you don't mind playing with this, let me know what else it needs.

Put something like this in your settings:


That last part is the important bit.

I for one would simply like an on-click of the JSON to expand it as pretty-printed JSON. It might be nice also to wire up a call to both re-run the query and look at the raw results, and re-run the query with an explain (or whatever it's called?) to see the details of the scoring, etc. But I think each of these could be incremental improvements once the basics are landed.

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