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samples Fix S's values_list/dict re: ES 1.0
Makefile Documentation
api.rst Add elasticutils.estestcase.ESTestCase Celery task for indexing.
changelog.rst Issue 41. Move django bits to contrib Fix README and copyright dates
debugging.rst Fix docs regarding tense
dev_conventions.rst fix links in dev_conventions.rst
dev_releaseprocess.rst Add note about tag notes to releaseprocess
dev_testing.rst Update contributor setup docs
django.rst Update django.rst
django_api.rst Fix typos and add notes for more details
hacking_howto.rst Update to 0.8 for release; peg pyelsticsearch
index.rst Deprecating this project
indexing.rst Fix index creation problems
installation.rst Prepare for 0.10.2 release
join.rst Docs overhaul 2: First Blood
mappingtype.rst Clean up, correct and reduce documentation
mlt.rst Updated docs to use elastisearch-py
resources.rst Clean up, correct and reduce documentation
sampleprogram.rst Move sample programs, write new intro
sampleprogramfacets.rst Move sample programs, write new intro
searching.rst Fix migration document to clarify versions
theory.rst ElasticSearch vs. Elasticsearch
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