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bb2mbdb Ensure good app registry for buildbot and wsgi Jul 7, 2016
lib bug 1195773, urlpatterns are deprecated in django, dotted paths are d… Jul 26, 2016
requirements update dev requirements, too Oct 5, 2016
scripts bad day, more fixes. fail gracefully if pyc file doesn't exist Jul 28, 2016
wsgi no bug, make elmo.wsgi executable Jul 20, 2016
.gitignore bug 934547, create a proper elmo package Mar 21, 2015
.pep8 no bug, exclude migrations from pep8 checks, rs=me Feb 10, 2014
LICENSE bug773352 - license file update, r=Pike Aug 3, 2012 minor edit to get something to release Jul 20, 2016 Clean up testing. Jul 7, 2016


Elmo is an infrastructure of web apps that are intended to help the l10n community.

Getting started

The wiki has everything you need to know for getting up and running locally, how to run tests and how to contribute code.

Since we're using git flow most activity is happening on the develop branch. To get into the code quickly run this command:

git clone -b develop --recursive git://


All active bugs are best reached with this URL:


This software is licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0. For more information, read the file LICENSE.