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<!DOCTYPE html>
<!-- {% comment %}
- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
- License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
- file, You can obtain one at
{% endcomment %} -->
{% load compress %}
<html lang="{{ LANG }}" dir="{{ DIR }}">
<meta charset="utf-8">
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="{{ STATIC_URL }}img/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon">
<link rel="icon" href="{{ STATIC_URL }}img/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon">
{% compress css %}
<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ STATIC_URL }}css/style.css" type="text/css">
{% endcompress %}
<style type="text/css">
/* MetaWebPro font family licensed from WOFF-FTW! */
@font-face {
font-family: 'MetaBold';
src: url('{{ STATIC_URL }}fonts/MetaWebPro-Bold.eot');
src: local(''), url('{{ STATIC_URL }}fonts/MetaWebPro-Bold.woff') format('woff');
font-weight: bold;
<title>{% block title_matter %}{% endblock %}</title>
{% block head_matter %}{% endblock %}
<body {% block body_tag %}{% endblock %}>
<div id="wrapper">
<div id="auth">
{% include "accounts/user_forms.html" %}
<noscript>Not logged in</noscript>
<li><a href="{% url homepage.views.index %}" class="homepage-link">Home</a></li>
<li><a href="{% url homepage.views.teams %}">Teams</a></li>
<li><a href="">Documentation</a></li>
{% block extra_nav_list_items %}{% endblock %}
<h1>{% block header_h1 %}<a href="/" title="Back to home page">{% block header_h1_inner %}mozilla Localization{% endblock %}</a>{% endblock %}</h1>
{% block header_content_extra %}
{% endblock %}
<div id="body-content" class="{% block body_content_class %}page-standard{% endblock %}">
<div id="main-content" class="{% block main_content_class %}{% endblock %}">
{% block content %}{% endblock %}
{% block aside %}{% endblock %}
<p><img src="{{ STATIC_URL }}img/logo_footer.png" alt="Mozilla" /></p>
<p>Except where otherwise <a href="">noted</a>,
content on this site is licensed under the <a href="">Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License v3.0</a> or any later version. </p>
<p class="notices"><a href="{% url privacy.views.show_policy %}">Privacy Policy</a> | <a href="">Legal Notices</a></p>
var CONFIG = {USER_URL: '{% url accounts.views.user_json %}',
CURRENT_URL: {% if request %}'{{ request.get_full_path }}'{% else %}window.location.href{% endif %}, {# needed because of some lack of RequestContext #}
LOADING_GIF_URL: '{{ STATIC_URL }}img/loading.gif',
NEEDS_RELOAD: {% if login_form_needs_reload and request %}true{% else %} false{% endif %}
{% compress js %}
<script src="{{ STATIC_URL }}js/libs/jquery-1.6.2.min.js"></script>
<script src="{{ STATIC_URL }}js/base.js"></script>
{% endcompress %}
{% block javascript_matter %}{% endblock %}
{% if include_webtrends %}
var dcs=new Webtrends.dcs().init({
var s=document.createElement("script"); s.async=true; s.src="{{ STATIC_URL }}js/libs/webtrends.min.js";
var s2=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; s2.parentNode.insertBefore(s,s2);
<noscript><img alt="dcsimg" id="dcsimg" width="1" height="1" src="//;WT.js=No&amp;;"/></noscript>
{% endif %}
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