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bug 731989, hotfix to support mercurial 2.1 in addition to previous v…

…ersions, r=peterbe
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1 parent 7cee3d8 commit c591396174deb95a71d95bd36203dd5ff3aef714 @Pike Pike committed Mar 8, 2012
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8 apps/shipping/views/
@@ -60,7 +60,13 @@
from mercurial.ui import ui as _ui
from mercurial.hg import repository
from mercurial.node import nullid
-from mercurial.copies import copies as _copies
+ from mercurial.copies import copies as _copies
+except ImportError:
+ # mercurial 2.1
+ from mercurial.copies import pathcopies
+ def _copies(repo, ctx1, ctx2, base):
+ return (pathcopies(ctx1, ctx2),)
from Mozilla.Parser import getParser, Junk
from Mozilla.CompareLocales import AddRemove, Tree as DataTree

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