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🌩 Documentation Hub for Nimbus & Experimenter Users

Check out the docs at:

Please file issues for this repository in Experimenter and add the experimenter-docs label.


This repository is the documentation hub for Experimenter. Its purpose is to be a single source of truth for and house user, developer, and data documentation.

The site is built using Docusaurus v2 and is automatically deployed from the main branch to GitHub Pages using GitHub Actions.

Relevant ADRs:


Pages are written in Markdown and can be found under docs/.

Check out the Contributing page for helpful Docusaurus and GitHub UI tips to learn how to create a new document, edit an existing one, and/or how to adjust the sidebar. You don't have to check out the repository locally to contribute.

Working locally

To build and run this project locally, clone the repository and run:

yarn install
yarn start

That should open a new browser window automatically, or you can manually browse to http://localhost:3000/experimenter-docs/ to view the docs.