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+EyeDee.Me is an example Indentity Provider for the BrowserID protocol. This
+protocol is used by Mozilla Persona to authenticate users across the web.
+EyeDee.Me styles itself like an email provider, but does not actually handle
+any email. Rather, it exists solely as an example for how services, such as
+email providers, can provide first-class support for BrowserID.
+EyeDee.Me requires Node.js, npm, a MySQL database, and a webserver acting as a
+reverse proxy / SSL terminator. Once those are in place:
+1. Clone this repository.
+2. Execute `npm install` in the root of your clone to get all of the necessary
+ Node libraries.
+3. Generate a signing keypair by launching `node` and running:
+ jwk = require("jwcrypto/jwk");
+ keypair = jwk.KeyPair.generate('RS', 128);
+ console.log(keypair.publicKey.serialize());
+ console.log(keypair.secretKey.serialize());
+4. Store the keys somewhere safe.
+You must set four environment variables before EyeDee.Me will function:
+1. `PUBLIC_KEY`: The public key, as printed by the script above. Default:
+ Ephemeral key, generated at runtime.
+2. `PRIVATE_KEY`: The secret key, as printed by the script above. Default:
+ Ephemeral key, generated at runtime.
+3. `MYSQL_URL`: A connection string for your MySQL database, in the form
+ `mysql://user:pass@host:port/dbname`. Default:
+ `mysql://eyedeeme@`
+4. `PORT`: A port for EyeDee.Me to listen on. Default: random.
+Once those are available, you can run with `./bin/eyedeeme` or
+`npm start`.
+Because the BrowserID protocol requires SSL on connections to Identity
+Providers, you must also configure a reverse proxy or SSL teminator to accept
+HTTPS connections and forward them to a running EyeDee.Me instance, such as
+the one on the port defined above. Otherwise, your users will not be forwarded
+to your Identity Provider for authentication when logging in to sites with

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