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<div class="in">Hi, <b class="username"></b> (<a class="logout" href="#">logout</a>)</div>
<div class="title">EyeDee.Me</div>
- <div class="subtitle">BrowserID Optimized email addresses</div>
+ <div class="subtitle">Mozilla Persona Optimized email addresses</div>
<div id="main" class="content">
- <strong>eyedee.me</strong> is an example "BrowserID primary" - that is, a web site that
+ <strong>eyedee.me</strong> is an example "Persona IdP" - that is, a web site that
you can get a (non-functional) email address that is optimized for use with
- BrowserID.
+ Persona.
<span class="warning">This is not a real product</span>. It is just an example to