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Feb 14, 2012

Firefox Flicks

Firefox Flicks is a playdoh-based site that allows users to submit vidoes and view other entries in the Firefox Flicks contest.


These instructions assume you have git, python, and pip installed. If you don't have pip installed, you can install it with easy_install pip.

  1. Start by getting the source:

    $ git clone --recursive git://
    $ cd firefox-flicks
  2. Create a virtualenv for Flicks. Skip the first step if you already have virtualenv installed.

    $ pip install virtualenv
    $ virtualenv venv
    $ source venv/bin/activate
  3. Install the compiled requirements:

    $ pip install -r requirements/compiled.txt
  4. Set up a local MySQL database. The MySQL Installation Documentation explains how to do this.

  5. Configure your local settings by copying flicks/settings/ to flicks/settings/ and customizing the settings in it:

    $ cp settings/ settings/

    The file is commented to explain what each setting does and how to customize them.

  6. Initialize your database structure:

    $ python syncdb
    $ python migrate
  7. Install translations from SVN into the firefox-flicks/locale directory:

    $ git svn clone locale
    # or
    $ svn checkout locale
  8. Install the GNU version of gettext. If you are on OSX, you can do this using Homebrew:

    $ brew install gettext
    $ brew link gettext
  9. Compile the translations:

    $ python compilemessages

Running the Development Server

You can launch the development server like so:

$ python runserver

Waffle Flags

The following waffle flags are in use:

  • winners_page - Controls whether the winners page is available, as well as displaying winner information on designated videos.


This software is licensed under the New BSD License. For more information, read the file LICENSE.


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