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Change submit class for style hook

The link's behavior depends on the user's logged-in state, and that also hangs on a class. Using a different class for presentation purposes.
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1 parent c29af23 commit d361330272a64697ed0821501f31bbd22d43c3ce @craigcook craigcook committed Mar 14, 2013
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  1. +4 −4 flicks/base/static/css/home.css
  2. +1 −1 flicks/base/templates/home.html
@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@
color: #999;
-.actions .submit .go {
+.actions .submit-link a {
font-size: 18px;
padding: 2px 20px;
background: #fff none;
@@ -73,9 +73,9 @@
transition: all .125s ease-out;
-.actions .submit .go:hover,
-.actions .submit .go:focus,
-.actions .submit .go:active {
+.actions .submit-link a:hover,
+.actions .submit-link a:focus,
+.actions .submit-link a:active {
background-color: rgba(255,255,255,.75);
border-color: #bbb;
color: #1287d7;
@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@ <h1 class="section-title">{{ _('You&#8217;re the director. Mobile is the star.')
<h3>{{ _('Start thinking about your flick') }}</h3>
<p><a href="{{ settings.LINK_BRIEF[request.locale] }}" class="go" rel="external">{{ _('Read the creative brief') }}</a></p>
- <li class="submit">
+ <li class="submit-link {{ user.is_authenticated()|ifeq(True, 'submit') }}">
<h3>{{ _('Submit your flick today') }}</h3>
{# Show a login button or submit button depending on if the user

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