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:fire: Frontend for the Firefox Marketplace
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Marketplace Frontend

Build Status

The Firefox Marketplace frontend.

screenshot of Marketplace homepage

Installation and Usage

make install
make serve

This will start a web server on http://localhost:8675.

Building for Production

Our build process bundles up our JS, minifies our CSS, compiles our templates, and extracts locales into JS modules. To run the build process:

make build

This will generate files including:


Developing the Packaged App

To package the Marketplace frontend, run:

make package

This will output a package and output to package/archives/. You can use WebIDE to install this package in the device or simulator.

Further details can be found in the Marketplace documentation.

Marketplace Mock API

We have an instance of a mocked version of the Marketplace API at Documentation can be found in marketplace-api-mock's repository.

iframed Package

We currently ship with an iframed version of the Marketplace frontend. It is a package that contains an iframe pointing to the Marketplace website. See more details within the iframe package directory.


A detailed guide to extracting strings and creating JS language packs is located on the wiki.


We use CasperJS to write UI tests and mocha, chai and sinon for unit tests.

Running Unit Tests

make unittest

This will launch the karma test runner that will run the unit tests in a new instance of Firefox.

Running Functional and UI Tests

Before running the functional and UI tests, your settings_local.js should have api_url and media_url pointing to an instance of marketplace-api-mock. You can easily achieve this by setting the API environment variable when calling make serve, this will overwrite your current api_url and media_url settings.

First, start a server with:

API=mock make serve

Then, run the tests against it. We support both PhantomJS and SlimerJS to run tests in WebKit and Gecko, respectively. To run both use make uitest, if you just want to run them in one browser make uitest-phantom or make uitest-slimer.

make uitest-phantom

Running Functional and UI Tests in SlimerJS

SlimerJS requires a path to a firefox binary. make uitest-slimer will try to use /Applications/ which is the path to your default Firefox on Mac. This path might not work for you and best results are achieved by using Firefox 30. You can download a copy of Firefox 30 on To set the path to your firefox use the SLIMERJSLAUNCHER environment variable. You might want to call export SLIMERJSLAUNCHER=/path/to/firefox in your shell's setup script.

SLIMERJSLAUNCHER=/Applications/ make uitest-slimer

Running a Single Functional or UI Test

UITEST_FILE=tests/ui/<PATH_TO_TEST_FILE> make uitest

Serving with Nginx

If you wish to serve the Marketplace frontend with nginx, which is often useful for keeping all the Marketplace projects on the same domain, read about serving Fireplace with Nginx.

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