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@@ -36,8 +36,8 @@ To get the localizations, do::
Updating strings in svn
-First, ping Milos and tell him we're merging strings (i.e. extracting
-them from our codebase and committing the changes to svn).
+First, ping Kadir (or whoever else) and tell him/her we're merging strings
+(i.e. extracting them from our codebase and committing the changes to svn).
Then, update the svn repository::
@@ -59,14 +59,35 @@ Then, commit the new strings to svn::
$ cd locale
$ svn commit -m 'String update YYYY/MM/DD'
-Then, tell Milos that the strings have been extracted. He will update
-Verbatim for all locales and post a message to dev.l10n.web about the
-new strings.
+Then, tell him/her that the strings have been extracted. He/she will
+update Verbatim for all locales.
.. Note::
There are also instructions in ``./locale/README.txt``.
+After that, send an email to the `dev-l10n-web mailing list
+<>`_ using this template::
+ Hi!
+ I've just pushed new strings to Verbatim for Input.
+ < explanation of strings changes here >
+ To give you an idea of how many untranslated strings there are, I
+ have computed this list:
+ < copy and paste output of "./bin/ locale/" >
+ If you have any questions, please reply to the list.
+ Thank you so much for your help!
+ Input development team
Creating new localization locales

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