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OPS and Heroku Settings


Builds to staging are triggered by commits to master.

The staging URL is


Production deployments are done by promoting Staging in the Heroku pipeline.

The production URL is

Domain Redirect

Enable domain redirection by setting DOMAIN_REDIRECT_MIDDLEWARE_ENABLED to True. This will enable a middleware function that checks every request, and returns a 307 redirect to the first listed domain in TARGET_DOMAINS if the host header does not match one of the domains specified there.

Special purposes Environment Variables

  • GITHUB_TOKEN: GITHUB API authentication,
  • SLACK_WEBHOOK_RA: Webhook to mofo-review-apps
  • CORAL_TALK_SERVER_URL: If Coral Talk commenting is to be enabled, set the server URL here. Don't forget to add the domain to your CSP directives for script-src and child-src

Cloudinary for Review Apps and Staging (BuyersGuide only)

We use Cloudinary's upload-mapping feature to copy images from the production to the staging Cloudinary account.

Current directories available on Cloudinary staging:

Folder URL prefix

To add more folders, follow Cloudinary's instructions.

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