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Scheduled tasks

Delete non-staff management command

Every sunday, a script runs on prod dyno to remove non-staff accounts created on the Foundation site. An account is considered staff if one of those conditions is true:

  • it's an email,
  • is_staff is at True,
  • the account is in a group.

Generating vote statistics for Data Studio

The generate_pni_report management task can run periodically to summarize vote totals for each product in the buyer's guide. Data is inserted or updated into the database specified By PNI_STATS_DB_URL. You must also have the CORAL_TALK_SERVER_URL and CORAL_TALK_API_TOKEN variables set. The API token must have admin rights in order to fetch comment totals.

The database should have the following schema:

create table product_stats
  id               integer not null constraint product_stats_pkey primary key,
  product_name     varchar(100),
  creepiness       integer,
  creepiness_votes integer,
  would_buy        integer,
  would_not_buy    integer

create table comment_counts
  url            varchar(2048) not null constraint comment_counts_pkey primary key,
  title          varchar(255),
  total_comments integer

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