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HTML for the majority of the site is generated from Django/Wagtail templates and components.


CSS is generated from Sass. The Mofo Bootstrap theme is pulled in by default.


React is used à la carte for isolated component instances (eg: a tab switcher) since this is not a single page application, but rather a static generated website. This precludes the need for Flux architecture, or such libraries as React Router.

To add a React component, you can target a container element from /source/js/main.js and inject it.

Django and Wagtail

Django powers the backend of the site, and we use Wagtail with Django to provide CMS features and functionality.


We use wagtail-modeltranslations for CMS content localization. Please see its documentation for more information.

A/B testing

We use wagtail-experiments for CMS-based A/B testing. Please see its documentation for more information.

S3 and Cloudinary

Most assets are stored on S3. Buyers Guide images are hosted on Cloudinary.

File Structure

├── dest <- Compiled code generated from source. Don't edit!
├── network-api <- Django site code
│   ├── networkapi <- Django apps live within this directory
│   └── templates <- page templates and overrides
├── locales <- Localized strings (Java .properties syntax)
├── scripts <- Scripts run by npm tasks
└── source <- Source code
    ├── images <- Image assets
    ├── js <- JS code
    │   └── components <- React components
    ├── json <- JSON for static data sets
    │   └── temp <- JSON pulled from web services. Don't commit!
    └── sass <- Sass code
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