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Engineering Workflow

Django Migrations: what to do when working on backward-incompatible migrations


Preboot is a feature from Heroku that prevents downtime when deploying: Heroku still serves traffic to old dynos while creating new dynos at the same time. For up to 3 minutes, two versions of the code are running and talking to the same DB: backward-incompatible changes to the DB result in internal server errors from the old code.

Most migrations are backward-compatible and don't require any special treatments. Although, if you plan to remove a field/model or rename or change a field type, you need to separate your changes in multiple PRs.

How to prepare and deploy your backward-incompatible migrations

You can open a main issue to serve as an entry point for those PRs or link each PR to an existing issue: your choice!

Those tricky deploys require extra attention and team awareness: they should always be scheduled in advance. When you're ready to deploy, always announce in it #mofo-engineering and wait for at least a second approval.

Rename or change a field type

Open three different PRs:

  • PR #1: Add the new field and its migration file (migrate data from the previous field if necessary),
  • PR #2: Replace all the references of the old field by the new field
  • PR #3: Remove the old field and generate the migration file

Deploy each PR separately and in ascending order.

Remove a field or a model

Two different PRs:

  • PR #1: Remove all usages of the element(s) you want to remove in models, template, views, tests, etc.
  • PR #2: Generate the migration

Deploy each PR separately and in ascending order.

Continuous Integration and Review Apps

Opening a PR activates different services:

Review Apps

Opening a PR will automatically create a Review App in the foundation-site pipeline. It's not possible to use OAuth but you can still access the admin with admin as the username. Login are published in the mofo-review-apps Slack channel when the review app is ready.

Continuous Integration testing

Opening a PR will trigger Travis continuous integration, which should pass before a PR is deemed good to merge.

It's possible to skip CI builds by adding [skip ci] or [ci skip] in the commit message title. If you only want to skip Travis, use [skip travis] or [travis skip]. Note: since Travis is a required check on GitHub, your last commit needs to run the CI.

Visual regression testing

The Travis continuous integration run will also trigger a visual regression testing using (based on Cypress output). These tests do not need to pass for a PR to be merged in, but any discrepancies that are flagged by Percy should be reviewed and signed off on during the course of normal PR review.

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