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-[![Build Status](](
+Repository shutdown
-This is a friendly HTML editor that uses [slowparse][] and [hacktionary][]
-to provide ultra-friendly real-time help to novice webmakers.
+Friendlycode is no longer under development in this repository, and is only being further developed as part of Mozilla's - it now lives at
-## Prerequisites
-Using Friendlycode doesn't actually require anything other than a
-static file server like Apache. However, if you want to generate optimized
-builds and run the test suites, you'll need node 0.8+, npm 1.1+, and
-phantomjs 1.7+.
-## Quick Start
-git clone --recursive git://
-cd friendlycode
-npm install
-npm test
-To run a simple built-in static file server from the repository's
-root directory, run:
-node bin/server.js
-## Examples
-You can see a trivial embedding at:
- http://localhost:8005/examples/bare.html
-By default, friendlycode doesn't allow JS. An example of an
-embedding that allows JS and publishes using an alternate API is
- http://localhost:8005/examples/alternate-publisher.html
-## Localization
-We currently use Transifex for localization. To localize Friendlycode
-in your language, please visit the
-[Transifex friendlycode project][transifex]. Any strings you don't
-translate will fall-back to English.
-### Trying out a Localization
-Run `node bin/server.js` and visit
-`http://localhost:8005/examples/transifex.html`. If this doesn't work,
-however—or if it runs too slowly for your tastes—you will have
-to take the following steps.
-1. Run `node bin/transifex.js -u user:pass`, where `user:pass` is your
- Transifex username and password. You can run `node bin/transifex.js --help`
- for information on more options, such as only importing strings that
- have been reviewed. This will export all Transifex localizations as
- requirejs i18n bundles in the `transifex` directory.
-2. Run `node bin/server.js` and then visit
- `http://localhost:8005/examples/transifex.html?local=1` to see your
- localizations.
-### Adding a new i18n bundle module
-Before adding a new i18n bundle, first read the [requirejs i18n bundle][i18n]
-When creating an i18n bundle, you only need to provide the root localization.
-The following instructions assume that your new i18n bundle module is at
-1. Run `node bin/build-i18n.js plist fc/nls/foo > foo.plist`. This will
- output a [Property List][] file to `foo.plist`, which Transifex can
- use as a template for localization.
-2. Under friendlycode's [resource management page][] on Transifex, add
- a new resource with name `fc/nls/foo` and i18n type
- `Apple PLIST files (.plist)`. Then upload the `foo.plist` file.
-### Updating an existing i18n bundle module
-If the root localization for an i18n bundle module has changed, follow the
-same steps for adding a new i18n bundle (above), but simply re-upload the
-plist file for the existing module instead of creating a new one.
-### Deploying an internationalized widget
-See the source code in `examples/transifex.html` for information
-on how to do this with unoptimized builds.
-For optimized builds, use the `--i18n-url` option to `bin/build-require.js`
-to create an optimized build that retrieves its localizations at run-time
-from a different URL. For instance, if you deploy your Transifex
-requirejs i18n bundles to `/locale`, running
-`node bin/build-require.js --i18n-url="/locale/"` will create an
-optimized build that loads localizations from that URL at runtime.
-## Updating CodeMirror
-In the `vendor/codemirror2` directory is a mini-distribution of
-[CodeMirror][] which contains only the files necessary for HTML editing. It
-can be updated with the `bin/` script.
- [i18n]:
- [slowparse]:
- [hacktionary]:
- [CodeMirror]:
- [transifex]:
- [resource management page]:
- [Property List]:
+please file any PRs against Friendlycode there, or file bugreports on it through Mozilla's webmaker bug tracking over at

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