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from funfactory.urlresolvers import split_path
from import eq_
# split_path tests use a test generator, which cannot be used inside of a
# TestCase class
def test_split_path():
testcases = [
# Basic
('en-US/some/action', ('en-US', 'some/action')),
# First slash doesn't matter
('/en-US/some/action', ('en-US', 'some/action')),
# Nor does capitalization
('En-uS/some/action', ('en-US', 'some/action')),
# Unsupported languages return a blank language
('unsupported/some/action', ('', 'unsupported/some/action')),
for tc in testcases:
yield check_split_path, tc[0], tc[1]
def check_split_path(path, result):
res = split_path(path)
eq_(res, result)
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