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The library to power Playdoh, Mozilla's Django template. File issues in playdoh:
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funfactory is what makes playdoh fun. You import it within a Django file and it sets up the playdoh environment and configures some settings.


pip install funfactory

What is it?

funfactory is the core of playdoh, Mozilla's Django starter kit. funfactory is not a collection of standalone apps.

Check out the playdoh docs for a complete user guide.

funfactory is also the name of a script that automates the installation of a new Playdoh app. Check out funfactory --help for more info.


To develop new features for playdoh core, you'll want to hack on funfactory! To run the test suite, first install tox then cd into the root dir and type the tox command. The tox.ini will handle the rest.


if you supply a different playdoh remote URL or a different branch or something, remember to delete the .playdoh/ directory between tests for a clean slate.

To try out cutting edge funfactory features in a real playdoh app, you can use the develop command to install a link to the files within your virtualenv:

workon the-playdoh-clone
pushd ~/your/path/to/funfactory
python develop

Test Suite Environment

Here are some environment variables that are acknowledged by the test suite:

MySQL db user to run test. Defaults to root.
MySQL user password for test. Defaults to an empty string.
MySQL db name for test. Defaults to _funfactory_test.
MySQL db host for test. Defaults to an empty string.
Git qualified URL for playdoh repo. Defaults to git://
Default branch to pull and update. Defaults to master.
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