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The branch you are looking at is an effort towards getting Firefox Share working with the Open Web Apps infrastructure.


  • Firefox
  • Python
  • Git
  • make

Getting setup

To pull and run fx-share addon:

git clone
cd fx-share-addon
make pull
make run

You can build an xpi:

make xpi

You can run the tests:

make test

If you want to run (using make run) in a specific profile:

OWA_PROFILE=/path/to/firefox/profile make run

Tests cannot be run in a specific profile.

Prepare your firefox profile

You probably want a test firefox profile so open up the Profile Manager.

In the Mac:

/Applications/ -ProfileManager

On Windows:

firefox.exe -P

In the profile manager, create a profile with the name fxsharetest, then exit the profile manager.

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