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Activity Metrics for Firefox Accounts

This repo hosts some supporting scripts for the "activity metrics" pipeline in Firefox Accounts. It's all a little ad-hoc while we figure out exactly what that pipeline will look like.

We're experimenting with AWS Redshift and a hosted redash instance for visualization.

Right now we have the following moving parts:

  • A heka filter that dumps an anonymized 10% sample of user activity events as a weekly export in S3.

  • An EC2 instance accessible at ec2-user@fxa-redshift-helper.dev.lcip.org, which is configured to talk to a Redshift instance at rfkelly-fxa-test.cfvijmj2d97c.us-west-2.redshift.amazonaws.com, and which we run the following via cron:

    • The import_activity_events.py script, which pulls the activity event data from S3 into Redshift to populate an "events" table.

    • The calculate_daily_summary.py script, which summarizes the raw activity event data to populate of users who were active on each day, and a table of users who qualified as "multi-device" users on each day.

  • Some redash dashboards that visualize the data from these tables in various ways. They include:

Feel free to create your own visualizations of this data by logging in at the hosted redash instance. The data source is now "rfkelly-fxa-test".