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# Activity Metrics for Firefox Accounts

This repo hosts some supporting scripts
for the "activity metrics" pipeline in Firefox Accounts.
It's all a little ad-hoc while we figure out
exactly what that pipeline will look like.

We're experimenting with [AWS Redshift](
and a hosted [redash]( instance for visualization.

Right now we have the following moving parts:

* A [heka filter](
that dumps an anonymized 10% sample of user activity events
as a weekly export in S3.

* An EC2 instance accessible at
which is configured to talk to a Redshift instance
at ``,
and which we run the following via cron:

* The `` script,
which pulls the activity event data
from S3 into Redshift
to populate an "events" table.

* The `` script,
which summarizes the raw activity event data
to populate of users who were active on each day,
and a table of users who qualified as "multi-device" users
on each day.

* Some redash dashboards that visualize the data from these
tables in various ways. They include:

* An overview of [daily-active and monthly-active user](
activity over time.

* A basic [retention dashboard](

* An overview of [login behaviour](

Feel free to create your own visualizations of this data
by logging in at [the hosted redash instance](
The data source is now "rfkelly-fxa-test".
This repo hosts supporting scripts
for the "activity" and "flow" metrics pipelines
in Firefox Accounts.
the data proceeds via Heka to an S3 bucket,
from where these scripts read the data
and send it to Redshift.
You can view the data [via Redash](,
using the `FxA Activity Metrics` data source.

We're also in the process of
migrating away from Heka
to Stackdriver logging,
which may mean we'll move the data
from Redshift to BigQuery at some point.

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