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Firefox Account browser web extension shield experiment
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Firefox Account Browser Discoverability Shield Study

This repo is archived and no longer being developed. From this experiment the FxA toolbar menu was landed as a native feature in Firefox. Bugzilla Issue.

About This Repository

This repository uses the Shield Study Template to build the Firefox Account Browser Discoverability Shield Study.

For additional information please review PHD.

Running as temporary add-on in Firefox

Please run at your own risk, this is currently still in active development. If you are building and running this extension locally, please use Firefox Nightly.

  1. Goto about:debugging
  2. Click Load Temporary Add-on
  3. Select add-on version in dist folder


Seeing the add-on in action

See for more details on how to get the add-on installed and tested.

Data Collected / Telemetry Pings

See for more details on what pings are sent by this add-on.

Analyzing data

Telemetry pings are loaded into S3 and re:dash. Sample query:

Improving this add-on

See for more details on how to work with this add-on as a developer.

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