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Functional tests for Firefox Accounts OAuth reliers.
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Functional tests for Firefox Accounts OAuth reliers.

What's this?

We have functional tests in fxa-content-server, which use a dummy project as an OAuth relier, called 123done. This repo is an experiment to see if we can make those tests more generally usable to real reliers.

How does it work?

There is a shell script,, which clones the content server repo and runs the OAuth tests against 123done. If you set the environment variables FXA_TRUSTED_RELIER_URL or FXA_UNTRUSTED_RELIER_URL, it will try to run the same tests against any URL of your choosing. Right now that fails because all of the element selectors are hard-coded to work with 123done markup. But if we could templatize those selectors, we might get close to something usable.

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