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# playdoh-specific commands that get playdoh all going so you don't
# have to.
# TODO: Make this rely on things that are not straight-up exec.
class playdoh {
exec { "create_mysql_database":
command => "/usr/bin/mysqladmin -uroot create $DB_NAME",
unless => "/usr/bin/mysql -uroot -B --skip-column-names -e 'show databases' | /bin/grep '$DB_NAME'",
exec { "grant_mysql_database":
command => "/usr/bin/mysql -uroot -B -e'GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON $DB_NAME.* TO $DB_USER@localhost # IDENTIFIED BY \"$DB_PASS\"'",
unless => "/usr/bin/mysql -uroot -B --skip-column-names mysql -e 'select user from user' | /bin/grep '$DB_USER'",
require => Exec["create_mysql_database"];
exec { "syncdb":
cwd => "$PROJ_DIR",
command => "/usr/bin/python2.6 ./ syncdb --noinput",
require => Exec["grant_mysql_database"];
exec { "sql_migrate":
cwd => "$PROJ_DIR",
command => "/usr/bin/python2.6 ./vendor/src/schematic/schematic migrations/",
require => [
Package["python2.6-dev", "libapache2-mod-wsgi", "python-wsgi-intercept" ],
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