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A few bits and pieces, mostly to help submission form at smaller sizes

andrewhayward added some commits Dec 5, 2012
@andrewhayward andrewhayward I have no idea what this was supposed to be doing
Having the character counter set at a fixed width seems completely ridiculous, and I can only imagine the plug-in author had some reason at some point. Anyway, removing the inline styling works fine for our needs, and the counter no longer breaks the form when it gets too small.
@andrewhayward andrewhayward Removing background image from mast heads
Gets to a point where the image gets behind the text, making it somewhat illegible.
@andrewhayward andrewhayward Adding a hook to the submission box 0e76d24
@andrewhayward andrewhayward Fixing 'Market Place' box and submit button
The large padding in the 'market place' box means there's not a lot of room at smaller sizes. Equally, the submit button gets a bit weird so forcing onto new line.
@rossbruniges rossbruniges commented on the diff Dec 6, 2012
@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ <h2 class="whimper">What is Marketplace and why is it awesome?</h2>
{% endif %}
- <div class="submit_row shout-box">
rossbruniges Dec 6, 2012 Mozilla member

Not sure that we need that extra submit class? submit_row.submit seems a bit weird...

andrewhayward Dec 6, 2012 Mozilla member

Unfortunately, someone also used submit_row elsewhere, requiring a second hook for this field. If said person wanted to discuss something a little more meaningful than submit_row for rows not involving submission, I might be persuaded to entertain the idea of not having a seemingly redundant submit_row.submit class floating around.

rossbruniges Dec 6, 2012 Mozilla member

That bastard! We should probably leave it up to him to fix it then.

@rossbruniges rossbruniges merged commit a037436 into mozilla:master Dec 6, 2012
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